1 x 1 oz Silverround Mason Mint "Atlantis - Mythical Cities Series" -BU-

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Hersteller:    Mason Mint
Steuersatz:   19%
Prägung:   Stempelglanz
Stückelung:   1 x 1 Unze
Material:   Silber
Feinheit:   999/1000
Gewicht:   31,103 Gramm
Verpackung:   zip-Tüte
Durchmesser:   39 mm

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1 x 1 Unze (oz) Silverround Mason Mint "Atlantis - Mythical Cities Series"


There are a handful of classic images and designs in numismatics that tend to reappear on privately minted silver bullion, especially silver rounds.

The front side displays the Greek god Poseidon, known as the ruler of the seas. Poseidon is shown in full regalia and in exquisite detail. In addition to donning his undersea armor, he wears a crown and holds his traditional trident (three-pronged spear). Fish and an ionic-style temple can be seen in the background. Seashells and squids fill the outer rim design, separating the inscriptions "POSEIDON" at the bottom and "OCEAN EMPEROR" at the top.

The specifications "1 TROY OZ .999 SILVER" are inscribed in very small lettering near the bottom rim. These rounds were struck with a special laser-engraved die that allows the weight and purity to be micro printed. This way, nothing detracts from the full beauty of the incredible design!

On the back side, a view of the mythological ruins of Atlantis, the undersea city, is shown. Sharks, stingrays, and other aquatic life can be seen swimming among the city's ancient buildings and ionic columns. A school of jellyfish are visible in the background while a whale passes by the city's central rotunda. The inscriptions "THE LOST CITY OF" and "ATLANTIS" are divided between the top and bottom rim.

Jede dieser wunderschönen Silverround enthält 999/1000 Feinsilber und wurde im wunderschönem Brilliant uncirculated geprägt.


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