1 x 1 oz Silbermünze 2$ Eastern Caribbean "Anguilla - Regatta 2023" -Colorized-*

82,84 €
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Herkunftsland:   Anguilla
Nennwert:   2$
Prägung:   Spiegelglanz
Stückelung:   1 x 1 Unze
Material:   Silber/farbig
Feinheit:   999/1000
Gewicht:   31,103 gramm
Durchmesser:    39,00 mm
Auflage:   500 Stück
Neuankündigung - Vorverkauf - Lieferung ab ca. KW25 in 2024

1 x 1 Unze (oz) Silbermünze 2$ Eastern Caribbean "Anguilla - 5# Regatta 2023"

A Tribute to Nautical Grandeur: The Anguilla Regatta Coin

Immerse yourself in the world of maritime splendor with the exquisite 1 Troy Ounce coin, a legal tender masterpiece in Anguilla and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) member countries. This coin, a shimmering testament to the revered Anguilla Regatta, encapsulates the spirit of one of the Caribbean's most celebrated nautical events.

A Celebration of Heritage and Craftsmanship

As you hold this remarkable coin, you are not just grasping a piece of silver; you are embracing a fragment of Anguilla's rich seafaring heritage. The Anguilla Regatta is more than a race; it is a vibrant festival that brings together sailors from around the globe to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. This coin captures that essence, from the spirited sails billowing in the wind to the rhythmic dance of the waves beneath the keel.

Exquisite Detail and Unparalleled Quality

Minted with precision, each 1 Troy Ounce coin is a marvel of numismatic artistry. The obverse features the ECCB logo, a symbol of the coin’s authenticity and legal tender status. The reverse, however, is where the magic truly unfolds. Here, the detailed depiction of a regatta in full sail against the backdrop of Anguilla’s pristine coastlines comes to life. The intricate engravings highlight every rope, sail, and wave, making it not just a coin, but a miniature work of art.

Regatta sailing boasts a storied past that dates back to the 17th century when European nations such as the Netherlands and England began organizing competitive sailing events. Initially, these regattas were a test of speed and skill among trading vessels, evolving over time into prestigious sporting events that celebrated seamanship, strategy, and camaraderie. The Anguilla Regatta, in particular, is a beacon of this tradition, transforming the tranquil Caribbean waters into a dynamic arena of nautical prowess. Each race not only honors the legacy of maritime competition but also fosters a deep sense of community and cultural pride.

Hergestellt wurde diese wunderschöne Münze von der Prägeanstalt Scottsdale Mint"

Diese Sammlermünze wird als ganze Unze herausgegeben und besteht aus 99,9 Prozent Feinsilber in der Prägung "Colorized"!

Diese Silbermünze gilt als gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel in ihren Herausgeberland Grenada.

Geliefert wird dieses besondere "Sammlermünze" in der Originalkapsel.

Die Proof-LIKE Prägung sorgt für ein detailreiches und schön anmutendes Motiv.


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