1 x 10 oz Barren Mint ID "Buffalo" -BU-

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Hersteller:    Mint ID

Steuersatz:   19%

Prägung:       Stempelglanz 

Stückelung:  1 x 10 Unze

Material:        Silber

Feinheit:        999/1000

Gewicht:        311 Gramm

Verpackung: eingeschweißt

Maße:            90 x 46 mm


Neuankündigung - Vorverkauf - Lieferung ab ca. KW26

1 x 10 Unze (oz) Silberbarren Scottsdale

"RESERVE Cast Silver Bar"


Buying silver bars is one of the best ways to invest in silver, especially when buying silver in bulk. 1 oz silver coins are popular among investors and do come in tube and box options, but other investors prefer the larger format of silver bars. Among the most popular weights are 1 oz, 10 oz, and 1 Kilo silver bars. Fans of 10 oz silver who want a secure addition to their Precious Metals IRA should consider the new MintID lineup of secure silver bullion. Today, you have the opportunity to purchase 10 oz Silver Bars from MintID online at Provident Metals.


  • Arrives with individual protective sealed plastic!
  • Brand-new bullion series from MintID!
  • Contains 10 Troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • The obverse face of the bar includes the bison and identifying markers.
  • On the reverse side is the MintID logo with an NFC microchip.
  • Encryption technology secures your silver bullion!
  • App requires iOS 13.0 or later and Android 4.2 or later.

The new series of MintID products includes a 1 oz Silver Buffalo Round and this 10 oz Silver Bar with the same buffalo depicted on the obverse. Each one of the bars comes with an AES 128 bit encrypted microchip that is adhered directly to the surface of the product. The very design of the microchip is tamper-evident. If any attempts are made to tamper with the chip it will kill itself or render a tampered result when scanned.


The obverse face of the 10 oz Silver Bar in this product listing comes with identifying inscriptions and the American bison. At the bottom of the bar, you will notice the powerful American bison with its large, shaggy mane and its powerful horns. The top of the bar has the MintID logo with inscriptions below that of 10 Troy Ounces .999+ Fine Silver. There is a triple-line border around the edge with the lower-left corner cutoff and a 10 inscribed in that open corner.


On the reverse side of 10 oz Silver Bars from MintID, the most important feature is the blue NFC microchip. The NFC microchip can be scanned with your smartphone using the MintID app and instantly authenticates your bar by connecting you to the digital profile of your 10 oz Silver Bar stored in the cloud. This blue chip is adhered directly to the surface of the silver bullion bars. Other markings on this face include the repeating design of the MintID logo in the background and the same triple-line border with 10 inscription in the lower-left corner from the obverse side of the bar.


MintIDs new product lineup is the latest and most secure form of silver bullion you can purchase. Each bar has a unique digital fingerprint that is stored in the secure microchip. The NFC microchips not only provide authentication for your individual piece, but also offer complete supply chain tracking for your bar. The MintID app requires iOS 13.0 or later or Android 4.2 or later running on your device.


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